Pandora Box Digital Activation 1 Year Access Price

Pandora Box Digital Activation 1 Year Access Price

This activation allows you to use Pandora software without a box. Intended for the users who don`t have Pandora box.

Activation period – 1 year

Current Pandora box owners will be able to use Pandora software without a box as well. Works starting from Pandora v.4.0.

Latest Updates

Pandora v.4.0 Released:

Exclusive support for almost ALL the latest Unisoc/Spreadtrum models.

  • Decode / Relock Bootloader
  • Backup / Write / Format RPMB
  • Remove FRP
  • Format Flash
  • Read Info / IMEI / Partitions
  • Restore Backup
  • Wipe Data / Partitions
  • Write Firmware
  • Decode Network
  • Patch Cert


  • XT2053-5 Moto E6i
  • XT2053-6 Moto E6i
  • XT2097-12 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2097-13 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2097-14 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2097-15 Moto E7i Power
  • XT2155-1 Moto E20
  • XT2155-3 Moto E20
  • XT2155-5 Moto E20
  • XT2155-6 Moto E20
  • XT2155-8 Moto E20
  • XT2227-1 Moto E32
  • XT2227-2 Moto E32
  • XT2227-3 Moto E32
  • XT2227-4 Moto E32
  • XT2128-1 Moto G20
  • XT2128-2 Moto G20
  • XT2128-3 Moto G20
  • XT2159-1 Moto E30
  • XT2159-2 Moto E30
  • XT2159-3 Moto E30
  • XT2159-4 Moto E30
  • XT2159-5 Moto E30
  • XT2159-6 Moto E30
  • XT2159-8 Moto E30


  • TA-1204 Nokia C2
  • TA-1233 Nokia C2
  • TA-1239 Nokia C3
  • TA-1258 Nokia C3
  • TA-1292 Nokia C3
  • TA-1298 Nokia C3
  • TA-1306 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1308 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1309 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1312 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1314 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1318 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1320 Nokia C1 Plus
  • TA-1339 Nokia C20
  • TA-1342 Nokia C10
  • TA-1345 Nokia C30
  • TA-1348 Nokia C20
  • TA-1352 Nokia C20
  • TA-1356 Nokia C20
  • TA-1357 Nokia C30
  • TA-1359 Nokia C30
  • TA-1360 Nokia C30
  • TA-1366 Nokia C20 Plus
  • TA-1369 Nokia C30
  • TA-1377 Nokia C30
  • TA-1379 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1380 Nokia C1 2nd Edition
  • TA-1382 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1383 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1387 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1388 Nokia C20 Plus
  • TA-1391 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1392 Nokia T20
  • TA-1394 Nokia T20
  • TA-1396 Nokia C01 Plus
  • TA-1397 Nokia T20
  • TA-1401 Nokia G11
  • TA-1404 Nokia G21
  • TA-1405 Nokia G21
  • TA-1408 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1412 Nokia G21
  • TA-1413 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1415 Nokia G21
  • TA-1418 Nokia G21
  • TA-1421 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1424 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1425 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1426 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1429 Nokia G11 Plus
  • TA-1431 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1433 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1444 Nokia C21 Plus
  • TA-1446 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1452 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1454 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1457 Nokia T10
  • TA-1462 Nokia T10
  • TA-1466 Nokia C21
  • TA-1468 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1471 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
  • TA-1472 Nokia T10
  • TA-1477 Nokia G11
  • TA-1493 Nokia C31
  • TA-1495 Nokia T21
  • TA-1497 Nokia C31
  • TA-1499 Nokia C31
  • TA-1503 Nokia T10
  • TA-1512 Nokia T10


  • 4065D, 4065F Alcatel 1L Pro
  • 4087U Alcatel 1SE Light 5001A, 5001D, 5001J, 5001T, 5001U Alcatel 1V (2019)
  • 5003A, 5003D, 5003G, 5003U, 5003X Alcatel 1C (2019)
  • 5024A, 5024D, 5024F, 5024I, 5024J Alcatel 1S
  • 5030A, 5030D, 5030E, 5030F, 5030U, 5130J Alcatel 1SE (2020)
  • 5031F Alcatel 1SE (2021)


  • RMX3231 C11 2021
  • RMX3235 Narzo 50i
  • RMX3261 C21Y
  • RMX3262 C21Y
  • RMX3263 C21Y
  • RMX3265 C25Y
  • RMX3268 C25Y
  • RMX3269 C25Y
  • RMX3690 C30s
  • RMX3501 C31
  • RMX3503 C31
  • RMX3506 Narzo 50i Prime
  • RMX3516 Narzo 50A Prime
  • RMX3516PU Narzo 50A Prime
  • RMX3581 C30
  • RMX3624 C33
  • RMX3624BA C33
  • RMX3624EU C33
  • RMX3511 C35
  • RMX3513 C35


  • Instant delivery (you`re paying for access, no box required).
  • List of supported models / CPUs is the same as for box owners.
  • Your account can be linked to your email.

Pandora Box vs Pandora Activation

Pandora Box Pandora Activation
Software access lifetime 1 year
Internet connection required for some operations only required for all operations
PC changing policy can be used on a different PC without any limitations 4 times per 3 months (48 hours before the next change)

How to buy

  1. While placing your order, indicate your active email. Your activation will be linked to this email.
  2. As soon as your order is processed, we will send a notification to your email.

Buy Pandora Box Digital Activation 1 Year Access

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

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