Gsm eMMC ISP Tool with Activation Rs.999 | Offer Valid 31-03.2023

GsmTeam make this ISP tool for eMMC Programming & Unlocking.ISP means “In-System Programming”.In-System Programming (ISP) allows communication to take place with a target chip without the need to remove it. The main advantage of this method is the possibility to communicate with a target chip eMMC or eMCP bypassing the CPU. It brings higher speed for data extraction compared with JTAG but it requires great soldering skills. ISP applied to forensics, is the practice of connecting to an eMMC or eMCP flash memory chip for the purpose of downloading a device’s complete memory contents. Gsm Emmc Isp Tool working with all ISP Software like Umt eMMC Tool, Miracle eMMC Plus Tool, Hydra eMMC Tool, Uni-Android Tool, Gsm Shield Tool, Mobilesea Tool, EME Tool,etc without any modificiation like Umt Isp Resistance Issue. selling Gsm eMMC Tool with Activation Price Rs.999 only & this is India’s Lowest Price ever.


Gsm Emmc ISP Tool V1.2 Latest Setup

Added Oppo-Realme Without Isp Unlock.

What,s New :

1) Added One Click Unlock Oppo Realme MTK Devices Meta Mode.
2) Added Extract NBO File
3) Added Extract Huawei APP Firmware File
4) Added Extract Android Sparse Image
5) Added Firmware System Information Parser
6) Added Stop Reconnecting MediaTek Device
7) Added OPPO Ofp File Ectracte
8) Added Nokia Qualcomm NBO File Direct Flashing
9) Added MTK Firmware Flashing

1 Click Oppo/Realme Meta Mode Supported:


Added exploit MTK devices to bypass Auth security for following chipsets.


Supported Models:

– Oppo A1
– Oppo A11k
– Oppo A12
– Oppo A1k
– Oppo A1s
– Oppo A3
– Oppo A31
– Oppo A5s
– Oppo A72
– Oppo A73
– Oppo A79
– Oppo A7n
– Oppo A8
– Oppo A83
– Oppo A83 PRO
– Oppo A9
– Oppo A91
– Oppo A9x
– Oppo F11
– Oppo F11 Pro
– Oppo F15
– Oppo F5
– Oppo F5 Youth
– Oppo F7
– Oppo F7 Youth
– Oppo F9
– Oppo F9 Pro
– Oppo R15
– Oppo Realme 1
– Oppo Realme 3
– Realme 3i
– Realme C11
– Realme C12
– Realme C15
– Realme C2
– Reno 2f
– Reno Lite

Gsm eMMC Isp Tool Activation Process :

1.First Download this GsmTeam eMMC Software

2.Register with Email & Password

3.Put you Hardware ID & Email ID (Password not Required) in Cart

Note : We will do the activation as soon as the order is confirmed.


Q1.What is the price of GSM Emmc ISP Tool ?

Answer – Normally Gsm eMMC ISP Tool Selling in India approx Rs.1200 to Rs.1500 & Gsm eMMC ISP Software Activation Price approx Rs.1000

Q2.What is an ISP tool ?

Answer – ISP Tool same like “Joint Test Action Group (JTAG)” there are specific contacts that will be of interest to the examiner. But unlike JTAG, the contacts are directly off the chip BGAs and do not go through the processor. Acquires data much faster than JTAG, enabling examiners to process more phones faster. 6 Important ISP Pinout for ISP Tool CMD,CLK,DATA0,GND,VCC,VCCQ.

Q3.Is Gsm Emmc ISP tool work with other ISP Software ?

Answer – Yes, Gsm eMMC ISP Tool working with all ISP Software like Umt eMMC Tool,Miracle eMMC Plus Tool,Hydra eMMC Tool,EME ISP Tool,Gsm Shield eMMC Tool,Mobilesea eMMC Tool,Etc

Q4.How to Communicate with Gsm eMMC ISP Tool (Full Process)

Answer – Disassembly the phone & Disconnect the battery.You can find on our ISP Pinout for your phone on Google or, Remove the shield plate on motherboard with cutting nipper (Hot air gun is not recommended here because the shield plate is hard to remove and high temperature might cause damage to components nearby). Be careful – there are many electrical components and if you use too much power you can rip them from the PCB.
Solder all contacts for ISP according to Pinout description. The soldering paste is very useful in this step because it helps easily solder 0.1mm copper wire to small soldering pads. Connect all soldered wires to direct eMMC adapter. Now connect the eMMC box and the power supply (miniUSB) to the direct eMMC adapter. Run Gsm eMMC ISP Software Tool & Set communication and power parameters according to the picture and click the button “Check eMMC in Gsm eMMC ISP Software”.

Q5.Gsm eMMC ISP Tool Setup ?

Answer – Gsm Emmc ISP Software Tool Latest vertion is V1.2

Conclusion : selling Gsm eMMC Tool with Activation Price Rs.999 only & this is India’s Lowest Price ever.

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