TFM Pro is a multibrand tool for servicing smartphones based on MTK, Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum. 

What you get : 

- Access for 1 year to all module - Free regular updates and support - PC / Infinity Dongle changing: every 2 hour - Using modules simultaneously while working on the same PC - All your work history is saved.

Exclusive Features: 

– World`s first Remove Demo for VIVO MTK-based models (Android 11*) – World`s first Reset EFS for many VIVO Qcom-based models. – World`s first Remove Huawei ID without damaging security for the latest MTK-based model – World`s first Fix the "Tool DL Image Failed" error on the latest Android phones (up to Android 11) – Read / Write / Erase any single partition easily with Partition Manager (MTK)

Exclusive Features: 

– Remove Demo(Diag) for all VIVO Qcom/MTK-based phones (Android 10) – Factory Reset for all VIVO Qcom/MTK-based model – Factory Reset / Remove Demo (Meta/Boot Mode) for all MTK-based Oppo/Realme model – Flash / Reset Boot Mode (without auth) for Xiaomi/Poco/Oppo/VIVO/Realme model

Samsung Exynos :

– Reset EFS / Restore Original IMEI / Repair Unknown Baseband (up to Android 9 / most of 2017 devices are supported).

Old Samsung : 

– Reset FRP in Download Mode – Factory Reset – Reset MDM

All Samsung : 

– Factory Reset Screen – Reboot to Recovery/Download Mode – Reset FRP in ADB mode


– Remove Sim Lock (up to Android 9, Oppo A5s, etc.)

ADB and Fastboot :

– Reset FRP – Remove screen lock without data loss (old china SPD phones, etc.) – Factory reset in run mode – Multiple apk installation – Reboot to Recovery – Reboot to Fastboot – Reboot from Fastboot – FRP Reset in Fastboot Mode (old SPD devices) – Reboot to recovery special: SPD(6820/8810,6825/8825)

MTK Module - Features :

World`s first many Secured/Non-secured models are supported. – Read / Write Firmware, NVRAM, NV Data, Screen Lock, Preloader. – Meta Operations: Read Info, Factory Reset, Demo Decoding, Read / Write NVRAM/NV Data – Boot Mode: Reset FRP, Factory Reset, Reset Privacy Lock, Read / Write Flash, Boot Info – OFP (Oppo Oficial Firmware) Extractor

Qcom Module - Features :

– EDL Mode: Read / Write Firmware, Reset EFS, Reset FRP, Backup EFS, Restore EFS, Factory Reset, Reset MI Account, Device Info, Mi offline operations, Samsung Qcom MDM Reset, Flash, Reset FRP (TP/EDL) – Diag: Backup and Restore QCN – Reboot to EDL, MI Factory Reset (Assistant Mode/Sideload), Read Info Assistant/Sidelaod Mode, MI Relock Fix (up to Android 8)

Supported Brands and Models :

– Xiaomi | Realme | Oppo | Poco | VIVO | Stylo | Samsung | LG | Hisense | Huawei | Honor Tecno | Infinix | iTel |Symphony | Walton | Vodafone | Motorola | Lenovo | Wiko | Alcatel | Asus | ZTE | Lava | HTC | 4U | Nokia


– for Auth Security phones, use the Disable Auth feature in the Settings. – for models not in the list, load Scatter files. – for not supported Secure Boot phones (auth devices), select the Auth Bypass feature in the Settings.