Solder Smoke Absorber

Antidious Fume Extractor Anti-ESD Solder Smoke Absorber‚ Portable‚ Filter for Soldering DIY Fan‚ Extraction Equipment with Spare Activated Carbon for Brazing Welding Soldering, Fume Prevention Remover

Horizontal or vertical Works efficiently in different environments. As long as you turn on the button, you can stop breathing the evil and smelly soldering fumes.

Easy to replace the filter Come with 2 filters, made of features urethane foam and activated carbon. Capture and absorbs of fumes and harmful smoke, ensures a breathable environment in your workspace.

EC motor It can absorb smoke from 4-5 inches away, low noise, high energy saving, small vibration, Long-lasting working time for over 57000 hours.

Smooth Surface Made of high-grade ABS components, which makes it very durable and sturdy. Its small size allows users to keep it close to themselves without occupying too much space.

Universal Ideal for work with solder, flux, chemicals, such as electronics, craft jewelry and stained glass.