Valtcan Solder Smoke Absorber Fume Extractor Strong Adjustable Portable Fan

Powerful Fume extractor removes Smoke fume, soldering fumes, flux smoke, odor from soldering stations, workstations, nails, glasswork, pyrography, paint etc quick, safely and efficiently.

Solder Flux fume extractor fan 496 model equivalent to the 493 plus extra filters. Comes with 3 Active carbon filters, Easily replaceable by swamping out old for new one in the filter slot. Pull filter guard out to remove filter and replace with new one. Then push back filter guard to hold filter in place.

Adjustable tilt for optimum solder smoke absorption angle from your workbench. Twist knobs at two ends to loosen and then adjust tilt of smoke absorber. Fasten knobs to secure fan front when desired tilt is obtained.

Made of ESD safe material, lightweight and durable material. Low noise and high- efficient fan operates at acceptable db levels in solder workstations.

On/off button located in back of smoke absorber fan. Plugs into AC socket for power. Comes in 493 model box with extra filters.