What is EDL Pinout ?

Qualcomm Processor it will be able to use EDL Mode but not all Qualcomm processors can support EDL Pinout or EDL Test Point. 

What is EDL Pinout ?

Edl Point is also same like as Emergency Download Mode. 

What is EDL Pinout ?

EDL Point can be used to unlock Bootloader when your device bootloader is locked if unlockable.  

What is EDL Pinout ?

EDL Point is also used for phone’s Unlocking & Flashing. 

Required Tools for EDL Mode ?

1. PC or Laptop. 2. Tweezer or Soldering Iron Station. 3. Software Tool like Umt Dongle,Miracle Box,Mrt Dongle,Xiaomi Flash Tools,Etc.

Other Tools for EDL Mode ?

– UMT Dongle – UnlockTool – Hydra Tool – Xiaomi Flash Tool – Avenger Tool – Miracle Box – MRT Dongle

Redmi 9 Power EDL Point

Redmi Note 10S EDL Point