What is Mipi Tester Box  ?

MiPi Tester Box is a UFS / eMMC chip programmer intended for reading / writing / repairing data. Mipi Tester Box is an all in one service tool for phone boot repair, data recovery, memory programming and many other features. 

What is Mipi Tester Box  ?

Supports MMC, ISP, JTAG, NAND, SPI interfaces. MIPITESTER / MiPi Box Pro Programmer for EMMC and UFS is a UFS / eMMC device programmer designed to read / write and repair data using both the ISP and Direct method.  

What is Mipi Tester Box  ?

The set includes UFS (254/153) and eMMC / eMCP (153-169, 254, 221, 162-186) adapters. 

Mipi Tester Box Features :

Read / Write eMMC and UFS memory chips Supports ISP In-System Programming Supported eMMC chip types MiPi Box Pro Max supports 13 different eMMC chip sizes and 8 different eMMC BGA chip types including 

Mipi Tester Box EMMC/EMCP Data transfer speed

– EMMC 4.5 / 5.0 / 5.1 supported. – HS200 80-120MB/s (write) / 120MB/s (read). – EMMC ISP 5-15MB/s (read / write)

Mipi Tester Box Latest Setup