Z3X Easy Jtag Plus Full Set

We are proud to present you a long awaited all in one solution your new product Easy JTAG Plus – universal service tool.

Lightweight software, made especially for mobile phones repair, eMMC memory chips replacement and user data recovery

Adapter set - 5 pcs. (JTAG, ISP 1BIT, ISP 4BIT, U-SOCKET, E-SOCKET)

– Wide range of eMMC IC supported by: BGA153/169, BGA162/186, BGA221, BGA529

BGA-254 2-in-1 eMMC/UFS Socket Adapter is intended for Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus boxes. 

Free access to large dump and pinouts database and constantly updated software tools

Identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips. It is designed to flash BIOS images on mainboards, routers, e.t.c. 

One click device repair, Boot repair, Data recovery, eMMC firmware repair, Partition management, eMMC service operations, SPI memory programming,