Easy Jtag Emmc File Manager 1.25 Setup Download

All Setup Information

Added: – Sahara v3 Support. – Connect to FireHose. – Small Fixes. – Multiple EasyJTAG Boxes HW setup support. 

Emmc File Manager 1.24 addon Released. Support new box HW.

Added: – Qualcomm MELF Loaders support. – New Android info types. – Small bug fixes. – Fixex build info. 

Emmc File Manager 1.25 addon Released. Support new box HW.

Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus is an all in one service tool for phone boot repair, data recovery, memory programming and many other features. Supports MMC, ISP, JTAG, NAND, SPI interfaces. 

EasyJtag Classic Suite dfu_fix log_fix 12.11.2023 

Easyjtag eMMC plus v1.6.6.0 (latest 2023 fix) 

Microsoft Redistributable Libraries Updater AIO