Chimera Tool PRO Dongle (Authenticator) is a multibrand and multifunctional solution for BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and Nokia.

Chimera Tool Samsung Dongle (Authenticator) is a dongle with pre-activated Chimera Tool PRO License Activation that will allow you to service BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and Nokia phones.

Over 900 models supported from the Galaxy A/E/F/G/J/M/N/P/S/T/X series! 

Please note. This dongle is valid for one year only! After the expiration you will have to purchase Chimera Tool PRO License Activation if you want to continue using ChimeraTool software.

It has two useful functions :

1. Log in without username and password If the authenticator is registered and connected, the ChimeraTool software will allow you to log in using the authenticator instead of typing-in the username and password. This protects you from key-loggers and you don't have to store or remember your password for ChimeraTool usage.

It has two useful functions :

1. Carry your license with you! Until now, your licenses were attached to your PC. You could use the ChimeraTool software on that PC only. Now, you can attach licenses to your PC or a Chimera Authenticator. You can use a license attached to your authenticator on any PC as long as you log in with the authenticator, not your username/password.

Register the authenticator on the first use:

– When you get your authenticator, connect it to the PC, and start ChimeraTool. On the login window, the "Login" should become enabled. Click on it!

– The first time this will display a dialog where you can register the authenticator. Registration is the only time your username/password will be required while using the authenticator, and you only need to register once. Fill your username/password, and press "Ok"

– The registration will take a few seconds. After registration, the dialog will switch back to the usual login screen and log you in with your authenticator

– Connect the authenticator to the PC. On the login dialog, the 'Login with Authenticator' should become enabled. Click it to log in with the authenticator

After the successful login, you can verify that you are logged in with the authenticator by looking at the icon and text on the bottom left of the program. When you are logged in with authenticator you can see a card icon, and the authenticator card ID is displayed next to your username